Watsu Mendocino


Welcome to my website, where you will find photos of my healing center, and a little information about myself and what I do.

When I fell in love with this warm water experience called Watsu, the best way I could describe my feelings when coming out of the pool was “all is right in the world.”  I felt the tremendous depth of healing that this modality afforded, and a desire was born to share these experiences with others, and to continue on with this healing path.

The 24 ft. round pool and the octagon-shaped redwood building that surrounds it, promotes a sense of safety; warm and protected, yet spacious enough for extended movement and a sense of freedom.   The pool is four feet deep, heated to 96°, and sanitized by using copper and silver ions, so the water is chlorine free.  Within this serene and nurturing environment, relaxation increases, allowing more flexibility; aches can disappear, and old patterns held within the physical and emotional body can be released. The healing power of the warm water can be felt as your body moves like flowing seaweed, relaxes into stillness, or is dynamic and expressive. I sense and follow the energies that want to be expressed though your body.

I use my shamanic skills, Watsu, Waterdance, Healing Dance, and massage training to give each client their own unique session. My desire is to help clients connect with their own inner wisdom and inner healer, to remember that all is connected, and to remember the importance of having our freedom to express who we uniquely are.  I use my sensitivity, healing skills and intuition to enhance the heart space of compassion.

After each session, I allow extra free float time on pillows and leg floats that support you in the water.   People often fall deeply asleep as they float in the warm water after a session, in a state of profound relaxation.

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